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Nashville Web Design and Development Advice

Due to popular demand from our attorney readers, we’ve decided to hire a web design company to give their advice on web design and development. The company is called Nashville Web Design by Zing. They specialize in helping attorneys and law firms build their businesses through digital marketing and quality web design work.

The advice that Nashville Web Design is giving us today is regarding the different things that you need to know when hiring a web designer for the best benefits in terms of website optimization. That means that there are certain questions you should be asking your web developer about the website they’re going to build before you build it so that you can show up better in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Nashville Web Design has invested tens of thousands of dollars in their research for the best websites for attorneys. Their experimentation and research shines in the results that they’ve gotten. We’re glad they were able to give us some advice for our readers and we’re happy to now present it to you.

Attorney Web Design Tips

  1. The first thing you need to ask yourself about is speed. That means that you want to know if the site will be built in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any of these other platforms. You should ask your web designer to build the site in HTML. That means that the site will go much faster. The main trouble with HTML is that it’s a little harder to maintain. So if you’re going to make a fast website, be sure to ask if the web designer can do it in HTML and if they can make it fast and if they’ll maintain the website. This is a crucial point when it comes to SEO. Don’t skimp out on your website speed!
  2. The next thing that you need to keep in mind is call to action. That means you want a person to be able to reach you immediately upon going to your website. The last thing that anybody wants to see is a full website of information that has no contact info. Sometimes a website will simply have contact info hidden. The best attorney websites are the websites that make it easy for a person to call or email. The Murfressboro web development and design department at Nashville Web Design specializes in call to action. They create buttons and pop-ups that help guide a visitor to calling.
  3. The final thing that Nashville Web Design suggested is that you have a blog on your website. They said that by having a blog on your site you can add lots of content which helps boost your site in search engines. The best way to use your blog is to add posts that you think your potential readers may be interested in finding out more information about. By adding about 2 posts a week you’ll have a very large and healthy site in no time at all!


Web designers boast about creating beautiful websites that are aesthetically pleasing. However beauty doesn’t always result in business. In some cases having a beautiful website can hurt your income. Take the advice that these guys have laid out for you today and be sure to follow it.